White House Faith-Based Advisor and Neighborhood “Godfather” Help Launch New Lives

By Jim Allen, Editor, NuVote Reach


Rev. George. E. Holmes


Robert L. Woodson, Sr.


Bishop Dr. Shirley Holloway

Reverend George Edward Holmes, a member of President Barack Obama’s National African American Clergy Leadership Working Group and chaplain of the District of Columbia Democratic State Committee will serve as master of ceremonies, and Robert L. Woodson, Sr., president of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise, nationally known as the “godfather” of neighborhood economic development, will be the keynote speaker at the House of Hope/City of Help graduation ceremony this Saturday that will mark a significant milestone in the previously severely dysfunction lives of 27 individuals.

The occasion will honor twenty-five men and two women who have completed the first phase of the pioneering faith-based House of Help/City of Hope intervention program that helps individuals who have struggled with drugs, alcohol, physical, sexual or psychological abuse, homelessness and/or overcome criminal backgrounds to get their lives back on track.

The creator of the pioneering treatment regimen, Bishop Dr. Shirley Holloway, Founder and CEO of the House of Help City of Hope, is often a voice for the voiceless—providing shelter for the homeless, rejected and abused.

“I am so proud of our graduates. Some were victims of unspeakable violations, some have mental health or substance abuse challenges and others have just taken a wrong turn or two in life,” Holloway.

“In any case, we offered a hand up, not a hand out, they have embraced what we have offered and we are so proud and pleased to be celebrating with them this next big step in their lives,” Holloway added.

Since its humble beginnings, nearly 20 years ago, House of Help/City of Hope now has treatment and/or housing facilities in Washington, DC and Prince George’s and CharlesCounties, MD and has served over 30,000 individuals.

Holloway, who is also a certified substance abuse counsel, has been featured in The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The New York Post, and Afro-American Newspapers.  She travels nationally and internationally preaching the gospel and oversees churches in Florida, Louisiana, Israel, UK, Russia, and supports the HOPE orphanage in Uganda.

Note: House of Help/City of Hope graduation ceremonies will be held on Saturday March 30, 2013, at 5:00 p.m. at KingdomCity, 11100 Billingsley Rd, Waldorf, MD20602. For more information: (202) 271-9056.

About Jim Allen, Founder/Editor, NuVote Reach

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4 Responses to White House Faith-Based Advisor and Neighborhood “Godfather” Help Launch New Lives

  1. Bishop Holloway has done and is doing an outstanding job in her role as a great Humanitarian. Thanks for sharing this information. My sincere congratulations to the 27 graduates and very best wishes for future success.

  2. Jnana Hodson says:

    Individuals do make an important difference in the lives of others. We need to be reminded to do likewise.

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