The Vision

“The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness! No one can serve two masters…”(Matthew 6:22-24)

Masthead Photo Credit: The eyes on the NuVote Reach masthead were extracted from a head-and-shoulders portrait of the 16th President of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln, taken in 1863 by Alexander Gardner.  We are captivated by the look in the president’s eyes after nearly three years of a bloody US Civil War. We are left to contemplate through the windows of his soul the weightiness of his ultimate intervention to save the Union.

Nu is the 13th letter of the Greek alphabet. The lowercase form of the letter is used as a symbol for Degrees of Freedom in estimating statistics 0f populations, for example — defined as the number of values in the final calculation of a statistic that are free to vary.

NuVote Reach blends the above-referenced “Nu” word play with the aspiration of being a near homophone of the French nouveau-riche — defined as one who has suddenly risen to a higher economic status but has not gained the social acceptance of others in that class.

Emerging US demographic and voting trends have of late have afforded markedly higher political capital to previously electorally under-courted ethnic groups, young people, poor people and women — as they will undoubtedly become necessary focal points in the next wave of all political strategists’ election-campaign models.

Members of these new segments of the electorate are whom I have dubbed the NuVote Reach.

When I first published this blog, it was under the NuVote Reach Mantle:

In the Lincolnesque tradition of  risky intervention, the NuVote Reach political blogwas established on November 10, 2012 and is open to all under the standard of Political Co-Dependency Intervention:

To be an honest broker of political discourse and not embarrass our parents;

To provide a platform where political rivals can receive interventions of moderation or find allies in the declaration of righteous [verbal] wars in order to reinforce the viability and co-dependency of the two-party system, and allow for third-party insurgency;

To encourage a thoughtful approach to analyzing current affairs and historical facts and keep political pundits’ heads from exploding from egoism on the left, frustration on the right or complacency among independents, between now and the midterm elections;

To advocate for the furtherance of an informed and expanding electorate — with every vote being counted; intellectually honest debate; the careful examination of historical fears and favoritism; and the unabashed exposure of faux rage.

The preceding mission statement, as indicated, primarily drafted in November 2012, outlined the guiding principles of this enterprise. Now, while my general interest in politics remains particular, my heart and mind have taken an unexpected turn:

To study, “to rightly divide the word of truth.”

I will still write about and be interested in the political opinions of others, in particular where there is a compelling human interest.  But now, I find myself captivated and moved by a certain “wheel within a wheel,” and, having been a journalistic for a certain period of my life, I will, as well, report on what I can make of  “I AM” and seek to learn from others’ encounters.

In addition, I have found a certain power for living and a source of useful life lessons available through an open-minded study of the Holy Scriptures, coupled with an open heart.

I had an encounter, let’s call  it an epiphany, on December 21, 2012: ‘If you are not giving or looking for a way to give, you may as well be dead. If you are not in service, you may as well not exist.’ 

A stunning development! But clear-enough marching orders for me — long sought after, I might add.

I am not sure, anymore, how, or if, this blog, in any way, meets my newly defined life requirements, or where this venture ends up, but I will write, as I am lead, and read, as if my life depends on it.

244 Responses to The Vision

  1. Ian Gardner says:

    May your endeavours reap good results, Jim. In the end spirit will overcome the gun. Unfortunately, many carry the Bible in the left hand and the gun in the right and an empty space between the ears – this will pass.

  2. kristy mapp says:

    That’s so awesome that you are now moving in the direction God calls us! That is the main point of my blog.. because most self proclaimed Christians do not read their Bibles.. at least the ones that I know.. and I aim to change that. Cheers!!

    Also, thought you might be interested in this: 🙂

  3. matt says:

    Thanks for following.

  4. Josh Ingram says:

    I want to sincerely thank you for following my blog. I appreciate the dense thought, and numerous entendre behind your name. My site’s URL is a play on ‘sans serif’ because I appreciate simplicity. My last name means ‘angel’ in Welsh and ‘raven’ in Norse. In Hebrew, the raven is closely aligned with the desert, hence ‘sand’. And ‘seraph’? Well, that’s easy.

    While I’m not naively ‘anti-political’, I don’t do much with politics. I respect your following the call and I wish you God’s best in all you do! Blessings.

    Josh Medford, Oregon

  5. revolsen says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for stopping by!

    • This was so timely for me, your “Prayer of the Day” Creator God, you prepare a new way in the wilderness, and your grace waters our desert. Open our hearts to be transformed by the new thing you are doing, that our lives may proclaim the extravagance of your love given to all through your Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.

      Thanks so much!!!!

  6. gravitasbaby says:

    Seeing how irrational people become when employing their political filters first is pretty disturbing. So I’m encouraged to see someone like you promote civilized discourse. That said, you might appreciate if you haven’t heard of it already. It’s a non-partisan website that posts each side of every issue. It’s become an information resource for all kinds of folks: schools, journalists, and others. And thanks for following Gravitas, baby! I’ll be checking in.

  7. Jim, thank you for following my blog. Although I have no faith in a religious sense, I do believe strongly and positively in people with drive, aspirations, hope… Generous, sensible, sensitive and open-minded. We all have to live on this planet for a while, so whatever makes our short lives more fulfilling, and us better people, works for me!

  8. i'm hot but i'm human says:

    Thank you for following my blog Jim 🙂

  9. Be Well And Happy says:

    Thanks for the follow Jim. Namaste.

  10. Stormy says:

    Thanks for the follow… I love “The Vision” outlined above and wish you the best in pursuing it!

  11. Lakshmi Loves To Shop says:

    Namaste…thank you so much for visiting and following my blog 🙂 It was so sweet of you…I love your blog too ~ Lakshmi x

  12. Kimberly says:

    Good morning Mr Allen,
    Thank you for taking the time to follow us. Your in depth analysis of Political “co-dependancy’ is most intriguing, something I never thought about before, yet very applicable.
    We look forward to working along side you.

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